Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Drag

Although we found an old chain harrow in the grass some time ago, it doesn't have little teeth (or VVVVV, as EvenSong put it) and therefore isn't useful for dragging the crusher dust paddock. The substrate is heavily compacted after some serious rain over the past month, but lots of little weeds (YYYYY) are still managing to grow. Today we bought a proper mini harrow, measuring 4 feet wide by 6 feet long, and I'm hoping that one weekly drag around the paddock will keep the footing softer and the vegetation under control. Said harrow is shown here sitting on two stall mats kindly contributed (along with a nice chat and a beer each for David and I) by Jean in exchange for a donation to Hearts on Noses pig sanctuary. Thanks Jean!

1 comment:

EvenSong said...

OOOOOO! Another tractor implement! RMMMMMM!

Have fun unrolling it--tho yours is considerably smaller than mine (8' X 10'), which took most of an afternoon to untangle. (I can understand that is probably the only way to ship the buggers, but, man, what a pain!)

I saw on Jean's site that you had made the mat exchange--now you can "try before you buy" [more]. That's one nice thing about mats--you can buy them one or a few at a time, when you have the funds available.