Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get In Line

David and I got the harrow untangled without too much trouble and I ran it around the paddock like a mad woman this morning, watching those annoying tufts of grass tremble in Georange's wake. It appears immensely improved after one go round, so I hope that weekly dragging will keep it looking more fresh and tidy. Here's a picture of some lines:

Things are starting to happen in the garden now. Radishes are coming up in earnest, as are salad greens, spinach, potatoes, peas and onions. Although we amended the sandy top soil we bought last summer with lots of composted horse manure, we weren't sure whether it was nutritious enough to sustain such life. These lines are very heartening:

Finally, the Powers That Be are replacing the water line along our street. This involves a lot of heavy equipment (or doozers as David and I refer to them, in honour of Fraggle Rock), much to Titan's distress. On the night they delivered the equipment he was inconsolably afraid, jumping any old fence that got between him and perceived safety in our shed. Given that this work will be ongoing for several days we conceded by cutting a hole in the side of the shed so that he can use it for shelter. He looks very miserable in the following picture, but it is not because of the road is because Raven is holding him hostage inside. He is afraid of her (smart dog) and she enjoys tormenting him. Tonka enjoys eating.


Carole said...

I've been wanting a Raven update! How is her leg? She must be feeling pretty good if she can torment the dog...

Grey Horse Matters said...

Like the way the paddock looks after dragging it. I know it's silly but I love dragging the arenas and making different designs. Crazy right?
Your veggies look like they will be a good crop.
I think it's funny how Raven is standing outside the door waiting for the poor dog to come out and torment him. Poor guy he must feel like a mouse trapped in the wall with a cat on the other side.

AareneX said...

dragging the arena = creating a gigantic Zen sand garden. No wonder you like it!

And, isn't it *heartening* when the seeds you plant actually start to grow? I was wondering if my soil was poisonous or something...and then, poof! up came the bean sprouts and potato leaves. Whew.

Vegetable gardens are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Poor Titan! I saw two Maremmas yesterday at the acreage we went to look at. They were guarding the goatherd on the property. Quiet dogs until we went to leave. My truck upset them greatly.

Poor Titan! I'm sure he'll adjust to the noise and the work soon. And it's nice to see Raven feeling so good, even at Titan's expense.

wv: unsun- Pacific Northwest weather most days. Sun, unsun!

Unknown said...

I'm new here and I just want to say:

Feline hostages.

I LOVE that.

Looking forward to seeing the garden, getting attached to your horses and watching the zen patterns emerge.