Friday, March 20, 2009

Sail Away

That's what our horse shelter tried to do today. It was sunny and lovely in Vancouver, but David reports that it was apocalyptic in Deroche. He was staring out the window in disbelief when a huge gust caught the shelter and pulled it off its foundation. Thanks to the fence it didn't escape to the road, but the fence and the foundation are pretty wrecked up -- looks like that tractor-loader-backhoe and post-hole digger are going to come in handy! David and our neighbor Dave and the Red Menace managed to wrestle the shelter mostly back into position, and the structure itself is remarkably unscathed. It is anchored to the chassis of the Red Menace for the night, and now we know exactly how we're going to spend our Saturday.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whooeee. Sounds like the house from the Wizard of Oz. Did they see any witches on bike pedaling by, too? hehe

Sure hope it's not too much of an ordeal to put it all back in place. And the horses weren't injured, right? I bet they were pretty scared by the commotion, though.
It's windy here, too. But so far no flying buildings (knocking on wood)....


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What Cruella DeVille wore around her neck.

EvenSong said...

Gaagh! Hope Tonka and Raven weren't too traumatized! Hope it's not too much of a deal to re-anchor it. Sounds like you're going to need the post-hole digger yourself, for awhile. :-(

You're right about having good neighbors, and being able to trade favors. I always fret about how to repay our neighbor Henry, 'cause he has all this big farmer equipment and does stuff for us all the time--This winter, whilst plowing out our driveway, I realized it was much easier for me to quickly clear his parking area wiht my little New Holland than for him to tie up his foreman to bring his big backhoe down.

flierc = the graceful trajectory that dp's horse shelter took in its wanderings yesterday

Carole said...

Yikes! No advice, really, just... YIKES!!

allhorsestuff said...

Holy Cow!
I am soo glad that Raven and Tonka missed out on getting written into the post!
I am late getting I bet you all are sore tonight.
Wild...just when thing are calmin down.Hope it all got battened down..cement and...?

Black Jack's Carol said...

I was thinking of you today (Saturday) and appreciating that you at least had good weather to do the repairs and re-anchoring. At least, I think you did, since it was lovely here in Vancouver. Hope all went well. Have Tonka and Raven been using the shelter a lot? I'm curious to know where they were at the peak of the wind, and what their reaction was to all the commotion.

Jean said...

That was a wild, freaky storm. No damage done here, other than a few smaller items blown clear across the yard and a few small boughs crashing down. I'm glad the horses weren't hurt by the flying shelter - I hope it wasn't too much of a headache to anchor securely (and that another wind didn't blow through and take it AND the truck for a sail!).

dp said...

David says that the horses were a little freaked out, but not panicked. They were headed towards the shelter when it happened, but they were not inside so that was a blessing. Neiter was physically hurt, and they have both been in the shelter since then so their psyches are also intact.

We actually just left it tied to a vehicle for the weekend. Getting it back together is going to be ever-so-much easier with the tractor so we are waiting for tomorrow's delivery with bated breath.