Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easy Come, Easy Go

Easy Come #1: My mother has been getting her will sorted out recently. While the cash holdings are easy to divvy up fairly, some of her valuable items are posing more of a challenge. In particular there is a beautiful diamond ring that belonged to my grandmother. We all agree that this treasure should stay in the family and my sister (who believes that diamonds are a girl's best friend) is a willing steward. My mother is adamant that I (who believe that dogs are a girl's best friend) receive an equivalent cash gift, which is typically generous of her and much appreciated by me.

Easy Come #2: Three years ago the Government of Canada decided to stop taxing scholarship money. At the same time the University of British Columbia decided to continue taxing scholarship money at source, presumably because it results in some financial benefit for the institution. Putting modesty aside I will admit that I am an elite student who earns more in scholarship money than most Canadians earn annually. It never bothered me that the government took a chunk away (most of it was theirs to begin with), and it certainly doesn't bother me if they want to cut me a huge cheque every spring.

Easy Go #BX25: Today David and I bought a Kubota BX25 sub-compact tractor complete with front-end loader, a backhoe and a post-hole digger. Between my mother human and my mother country most of the cost will be covered, and a little bit of debt seems like a small price to pay for the huge workload this machine will take on around Farcical Farm. It is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday, so I guess one of us should break the news to Henry over the weekend.


Grey Horse Matters said...

You're going to really like that Kubota, we got one last year and it's a great help around the farm. We also got a Kubota mule which is a lot of fun. Good luck with it, one safety note, make sure they show you how to run it before you try it on your own. My daughter drove it out of the shed, and was heading for the pond, before she found the brakes!

Daun said...

Yay! Congrats on your tractor! I admit it, I am a bit jealous. I want a backhoe. *whine*

My neighbor came over yesterday with his backhoe (and 30 years of tractor experience) and deftly solved all of my drainage problems before I could even plot the flow of water. I am in awe.

Of course, an add on backhoe is going to set me back $5k so I have to wait until my tractor is paid off. And no, his backhoe does not fit on mine. But we got the job done and it only cost me 1/2 dozen eggs.

1.2 dozen eggs.... $5k....

I still want my backhoe.

EvenSong said...

Now I'M jealous! The backhoe is nice (though I've finished most of the projects I truly NEED one for), but what I REALLY need right now is the post hole digger! Even if it IS orange. Next week is spring break--I'll be up on Wednesday to borrow it! ;-D

dightan = the darker shade of one's skin, in a tank top outline, when you spend the summer working on projects with your backhoe

Jean said...

Congratulations. I hope Henry will be as happy in retirement as I hope to be.
The bucket on the Kubota looks perfect for clearing the three feet of snow likely to fall on your driveway next winter - heheheheheh!

Carole said...

Two words: Tractor Envy.

Congratulations! I wish you lived closer. Like, next door.

dp said...

GHM: It will be delivered next Tuesday and a guy is coming out to go over the whole machine with us. This doesn't eliminate the risk of me screwing up somehow, but it drastically reduces it.

Daun: You were dead-on about the difference in price with/without backhoe. We ultimately decided to take the opportunity to get one at such a reasonable price. We have a lot of landscaping to do this summer, and sometime within the next few years the main water line into our place will need to be replaced. Although we don't need it per se, I'm sure that we will find uses for it and that we would ultimately have regretted not getting one. Our neighbors are also great like your neighbors, but they do not have a backhoe -- hopefully we will be able to be great in return by offering them use of our new toy.

ES: I would happily lend you the digger, but could you be trusted to return it? And I am about the most conservative dresser I know...tank tops are a little too revealing for my tastes.

Jean: You want to take Henry with you?

Carole: I kind of envy myself. I know this windfall would be like winning a lottery for most people, and I feel so lucky to be so privileged.

Funder said...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like mostly positive 'givings'...and not so much 'taking'. That tractor is so sweeet!

Good for you being such an excellent student, too. :)