Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hung Like Half a Horse

Yesterday David emailed me at work to let me know that Tonka had left his willie hanging halfway out for most of the afternoon. Same story today, so I have to assume that is the most comfortable position Tonka in light of whatever is ailing big Tonka. His sheath is not nearly as swollen as it was in January, and I have decided not to intervene this time around. That extreme reaction may have been caused by the "Special Formula" or by all my poking and prodding, so I am looking but not touching. I cannot shake the suspicion that this has something to do with (1) dewormning or (2) worms or (3) both, but I don't know how to test the theory. Anyhow, thank you all for your concern and your kind thoughts. Tonka would thank you too if he could, especially if they came with some treats.


Black Jack's Carol said...

I'm wondering which day you are on in the Panacur treatment. (Sorry if I've missed that info in one of your posts.) My totally uninformed and unscientific gut blames that first, and maybe the special formula for the greater aggravation last time. Hopefully, if the treatment is finished, he may already be on the mend. At least, he doesn't appear to be shy about his exposure:)

allhorsestuff said...

Darn it all...was hoping that the Tonk would have gotten through by now. At least he is half as bad.
Thanks for the update~

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor Tonka. Sounds like he's doing what he needs to do, though.

Perfect pic for your post. lol!

Some idiot can't figure out how to balance a load properly for the weight pulling it.


dp said...

BJC: I just did one day of Panacur. I kind of suspected that Tonka reacts negatively to wormer, so I just didn't want to push ahead with five days. Kerstin agrees at this point. We'll do fecal tests in a month to see how things are.

KK: Thanks! He was looking better today, though all the skin is peeling from the inside again. poor guy.

LOR: That picture is so funny and so sad at the same time. Poor beast.