Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rhymes With Orange

The New Tractor and our sales representative arrived yesterday afternoon at 1600, about ten minutes after two straight days of rain came to an end. Brian went over all the BX25 features with us and then walked us through the process of detaching and reattaching the backhoe (the gratuitous picture is for Daun). Unlike some similar models the 3-point hitch does not fold up behind the backhoe -- you have to remove and replace it, which is my only complaint about the machine so far.

The weather stayed dry throughout the demonstration but the wind was chilly, so we forced Brian inside for a coffee to finish the transaction. After he left we moved The New Tractor into the paddock, where it is currently acting as ballast for the wayward horse shelter -- we were too embarrassed to admit that this would be its primary use over the coming days.

Obviously the next step was to decide on a name for The New Tractor. I wanted to call him George in homage to Henry, and to Steinbeck and to the Looney Toons, but David wanted to call him Rhymes With Orange because nothing does. We settled on "Georange" despite Pipsqueak's blatant skepticism.


Daun said...

Happy Tractor!

She is a beaut. Or he.

That's odd about the backhoe. I will need to ask my neighbor how his attaches to his New Holland. I want a backhoe so bad... they are AWESOME.

We've had one complaint about our tractor as well. The main cylinder on the bucket was leaking air causing some looseness in the bucket, especially on backdragging. New Holland replaced the cylinder (came out the day we called), but there's still air in the lines. We're supposed to call back if it gets too annoying.

Customer service wise, they did great. But the cylinder should not have malfunctioned with only 12 hours on the tractor, in my opinion.

Let's hope that's our only problem. We've been beating the tar out of the tractor with all the building and moving we've been doing. Yesterday, we used it to light up the greenhouse as we tarped it after dark. I don't know how we ever lived before the tractor.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We didn't name our tractor but maybe we should. Good luck with Georange.

Carole said...

Best thing about the tractor so far? That it's really heavy! ;-)

That is just more proof that you've invested in a truly multipurpose piece of farm machinery. Congratulations!

EvenSong said...

Yeah! Rmmm, RMMMM!
I originally called mine "Blue Bell," but haven't ever really used the name. Haven't used anything else, just "the New Holland" or "the Tractor." [I'll refrain from saying "I told you so" about the rhyme-less color.] Do you pronounce that "jornge" or "gee-o-ornge"?
Has the wind not died down yet? Weather's been unsettled here all week, too--and it's spring break! Not blowing this morning, tho, so maybe I'll get a ride in...

Jean said...

Welcome, Georange! Not quite as cute as Pepper, and not yet as wise as Henry (who was smart enough to act up when the weather got miserable so he could avoid ballast-duty in the wind and rain), but strong, versatile and (hopefully) trainable.
I hope you and Georange have many problem-free years together.

allhorsestuff said...

Great name, nice tractor!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You guys are wacky naming your tractor. Love it! And the horse shelter looks like it was made for Georange! :)


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