Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coyote Pretty

Tonight's full moon made it possible for me to do my evening chores without a headlamp. Our local pack of coyotes usually howls together on nights like this (perhaps the light leads to hunting success?), and they went off about 10 minutes ago. We very rarely see these sly neighbors, but I always love to hear them sing.


allhorsestuff said...

I love a full moon and being at the stable lately late has lent itself to hearing the lonely sounding coyotes!

Black Jack's Carol said...

So, it WAS a full moon:) Beautiful shot! I both love coyotes and fear them, now that I have a small dog. We saw one running up our street, one night, around nine p.m. I knock on the back door window, before going out with Black Jack after dark.

Just curious. Do you cycle from where you live to UBC?

Will check out that site for boots. Thank you!

Since you seem to be full of great tips, I have another question for you. Maybe it's because I'm working on an IMac, but whenever I try to edit a post, my entire font changes to a HUGE one. I have to go back and change each bit of the post, section by section. And proofreading before is difficult, as the post is written in a little tiny box. (Thus, the two errors in my last two posts.) Any suggestions?

dp said...

Not my picture, but someone out there got lucky (or is good with Photoshop).

Carol: Deroche is between Mission and Harrison Hot Springs, so I certainly don't cycle to UBC from here. I take the West Coast Express to Waterfront Station and I used to keep my bike parked at the downtown BCIT campus to ride up to campus. Last year I had two close calls in the downtown core, and THREE people in my office broke bones in cycling accidents -- two were seriously injured. I decided to stop cycling for my own safety as it was becoming stressful instead of fun. I miss it a lot. I always rode to UBC from our place in East Van.

I will try posting from Davids iMac to see if I can recreate the problem. What browser are you using? Sounds like a Safari quirk to me...

Brandy said...

I love a full moon night! When I was a single girl in Denver, I used to take my dog to the park after work. The moonlight on the snow was so pretty, and just the 2 of us to enjoy it!

Oh, man, we nearly ran over a coyote yesterday! Hubby and I drove up the 2 blocks to Sesnon Blvd to get shots of the fire, and a poor coyote or maybe coydog nearly ran into our car! He looked terrified and stressed, poor thing!

We had to bug out for a few hours, and packed up the birds and the snake and the paperwork and clothes and... what else can you take? Thankfully after we caught some lunch, we were able to go back home.

Then I went up to the lines again, many of the trucks were leaving, but I gave the remaining ones some bags with soap and shampoos and stuff from our travels. We always take the mini size items when we stay in hotels, and donate them, especially to the HotShots. they deserve some good quality cleaners rather than regular prison soap! I just wish I had more stuff to donate, these guys were FABULOUS!

While I was up there, I took some more photos. I also heard a California quail calling ("Chi-ca-go! Chi-ca-go!"), so I was happy that the wildlife seems to be ok. Today was clear and warm, no scent of woodsmoke remaining in the air, but there are more fires around LA...

At least this one near us burned out all the fuel! Phew, no bad fire threat for a few more years!


I have a few more pix of the aftermath to post, but here you can see just how close it burned!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Wow.. way above and beyond.. thank you!!

I'm using Safari, and suspect you're right. I'll try Firefox right now, and see if I can do an edit. I have it on my computer, but for some reason, have never felt comfortable with it. I must edit, though, because Bill just pointed out that I spelled Cypress incorrectly. (Depressing to think I've been going down that street for several years, and never noticed the spelling(:

Black Jack's Carol said...

So sorry to keep loading up your comment space, but with Firefox, I think it's going to be much better. Just did an edit, and although there were a couple of hitches, i suspect if i work from Firefox for the original post, those will disappear too. Thanks again for the suggestion! I'll try a small blog tonight to test it.

Dumb, dumb question about your biking from Deroche. Had no idea it was that far away. The possibility of serious injury is for sure a concern. I try to keep that in the front of my mind so that I remain focused an alert all the time. Not owning a car, and disliking the bus, and hating the idea of asking Bill to use his truck, and most of all, loving biking, means that I would have a tough time giving it up, but your message was well taken. (Glenys told me about one girl having an accident at 8th, where it curves around to the left. I'm super careful there.)

And finally, just checked out Brandy's pics. Sending good thoughts her way!

dp said...

Hope things go smoother with Firefox. It's also a bit troublesome in the OSX, but probably better optimized for Blogger.

Not a dumb question about Deroche -- no one knows where it is unless they grew up in the Valley.

Yes, the girl who got hit on 8th is my office mate. Thank goodness that she did not have her daughter with her that day. It was a hard decision for me to make after so many years of dedicated cycling, but it's the best thing for me right now. I had no concerns about getting hit until I started cycling through the downtown core. Stay safe out there!

dp said...

Thanks for the pictures, Brandy. Wowsers.

Brandy said...

Oh, BJC, I hope you like FF as much as I do! It's stable, fast, and clean. It has a LOT of GREAT features, include a right click option to view a page in IE if it doesn't support FF. I do still find a few of those, and I sometimes email them to remind them that if their site doesn't support FF, then FF users aren't able to support their sites!!

OMG, I hope that lady from your work is ok, dp! So scary!!

We're all home and safe, and the weather is back up in the 90's and clear skies... Supposed to be near 80 on Saturday, but ugh, I'm about done with the 7 months of hot hot!!