Sunday, October 19, 2008

Accidents Happen

And today one happened to me. David and I were struggling to get the west side of the shelter in place when the 4" fence rail we were using to take pressure off the corner post slipped. It fell forward into the shelter and the top caught me (completely unaware) on the spine, just above my right buttock. I screamed like a little girl, partly out of surprise, partly out of pain and partly out of fear.

Fear because my right leg stopped working briefly. It wouldn't hold me up, and I couldn't make it move after I went down. It lasted for less than a minute, and then the whole thing just went cold and numb. Our kind neighbors came by with a big bag of ice, and David hobbled me into the house where I lay iced, drugged and dazed for a couple of hours. Now that I'm up and about both legs feel as though they are made of lead, but they are holding me up and moving when I will them to move. A lucky outcome and a lesson learned.


Brandy said...

Oh DEAR!!! PLEASE please PLEASE go get an x-ray tomorrow! And see a doctor, nerve damage is a subtle and VERY scary thing!

I bet you'll feel pretty bruised tomorrow, too. That muscle can spasm SO easily, and it SUCKS!

I'd recommend my chiropractor, but that's a rather long drive, hahaha!

Stoopid shelter, ARG! I'm glad you're mostly ok, and nothing is MAJORLY hurt. Hugs and Darvon!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Yikes, dp. I'm worried for you too. I have an amazing, amazing chiropractor. He does only soft touch (no cracking of any kind), so you feel he's doing nothing, but he's so good, I haven't had to see him in years. Just a thought, if pain persists.

I'm hoping the fact you were able to post is a good sign. Be well soon!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh sweetie..
I am so sorry to hear of the accident, and SO GLAD it was not worse. Do please consider some kind of Therapy. Keep up with the ice, heat, ice...10 minutes each.
WOW and Whew!
You gonna B sore!

Funder said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry that happened to you! The nerve trauma sounds really scary and hopefully it's all resolved this morning. (Gentle) hugs!

EvenSong said...

Oh Dear! I had no idea this blog was rated R. And what kind of camera did David use, that showed your spinal column so clearly?

Hopefully by this morning you can laugh at that sorry excuse for humor!

I agree with others--back injuries are nothing to trifle with. It almost sounds like the kind of pain one experiences when one falls gracefully on one's tailbone. But the fact that your leg went numb would seem to indicate some sort of sciatic nerve involvement. As Brandy said, nerve damage is scary! One thing promising is that most often nerves do heal, though often it takes a while.

Hopefully you (and your nerve) are only bruised, and will make a speedy recovery.

dp said...

Haha, ES -- I only wish my bum looked that good.

Thanks for your concern everyone. I am predictably stiff this morning. Will get to my doctor ASAP to see what she recommends.

Anonymous said...

Most doctors won't recommend a chiropractor. I'm with everyone else and suggest one. Hey, if they're good enough for our horses and do them a world of good, they've got to be good enough for us!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Owwie! That's scary. I hope it all turns out okay. When my husband and I were raising the wall of a horse stall, I had to do it with a broken finger. The metal frame started falling and I grabbed for it, but without that finger I couldn't hold on. It landed on my foot and broke my toe. My digits were really hurting after that project.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! Just goes to show you can get seriously hurt doing anything anywhere....not just riding horses.

How are you feeling now?

I hope all better.