Monday, March 10, 2008

Hungry Hungry Humans

This post has nothing to do with horses, beyond the word "hippos" meaning "horse" to the ancient Greeks. I saw this article on the BBC yesterday evening, documenting the rediscovery of pygmy hippos in the wilds of Liberia. These little hippos measure about 30" high by 65" long and they weigh around 500lbs. In comparison, their full-size cousins weigh in between 3000 and 4000lbs. While your average hippopotamus is a formidable target for would-be hunters, the greatest threat to pygmy survival is hungry, hungry humans. A sad state, but a difficult situation to regulate in a region affected by years of civil strife. Thank goodness they seem to breed well in captivity.


dt said...

No, we can't have one.

dp said...

Maybe for Christmas?

dt said...

We'll see. Our two-garage is full of a tractor and hay, you realize.