Saturday, March 29, 2008

Raven is not so Ravenous

Raven is currently about 150 underweight. This is partially due to weaning a foal in February, and partially due to having other horses steal her food at her former home. We are also having the vet out on Thursday to ensure that nothing deeper is at play. Despite being skinny Raven appears not to be hungry. At first I was feeding her separated from Tonka and she would nibble a little before wandering off -- very troublesome behaviour for a horse who needs to gain considerable weight. Granted, she was in heat her first few days here. But also granted, that horse should be *ravenous*. Since then I've discovered that if feed her in the paddock with Tonka she will eat with gusto while vehemently defending her fare. I don't know if she's actually hungry for it, or if she just doesn't want Tonka to have it, but I'm easy either way. The only problem is that if we feed her too much she will get bored/thirsty/distracted and Tonka will get food that he should not have. For now we have compromised on multiple small feedings (4 to 6) daily, which is probably better from a nutritional standpoint. When I removed her blanket (to groom and ride her) earlier today I was pleasantly surprised to see that she's already filled out a tiny little bit. Go Raven!

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