Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Christmas in March

(Or maybe an early Easter? Lord knows the bloody packing peanuts were like a pastel snowstorm in our mud room.) Just before leaving for Toronto I bought Raven. During my time in Toronto I bought all the accouterments for Raven. When I got home last night everything I had ordered was waiting to be unpacked and loved. The list?

  • The aforementioned Australian stock saddle, which is wider and heavier than I thought it would be. I suspect that it will fit Tonka, which is great because I mostly wanted it for David. I will find out tomorrow if the weather is decent.
  • This old-school close-contact Wintec that bought for Raven on eBay. It is even lighter than I thought it would be, and I am thrilled with the purchase.
  • Two collapsible saddle holders so that both of these purchases can be stored efficiently in the tack closet, along with my Wintec 2000 AP.
  • A bit and bridle for Raven. The bridle is allegedly "horse" sized, but it looks more "warmblood" sized to me, so I will exchange it for a "cob".
  • A rain sheet for Raven. I noticed today that Tonka has wrecked one of his shoulder gussets already, so I have some repair work to do.
  • Waxed cotton reins for both bridles. I never ride in gloves and I have always preferred the soft grip of these reins. Plus they are much less expensive than rubber.
  • A leather halter and lead shank for Raven.

Good thing a cheque I was expecting also arrived, eh? I am horse poor and loving it!


dt said...

If things get really bad, we can use the horses as a source of food and clothing, right?

dp said...

Only after the dogs are gone.