Monday, March 31, 2008

Double the Pleasure, Double the Poo

There is a linear relationship between the number of horses you own and the volume of manure you are required to manage. The most common complaint I hear from lifetime horse people is that they are sick to death of shoveling shit. On the other hand, every horse lover loves horse poo because its presence means that all is well in the digestive world. Things go wrong very quickly when animals that go 10+ times daily stop going.

I honestly enjoy mucking out our paddock, but I am alarmed by how quickly it refills with two horses in there. When Tonka was solo I was cleaning it every 3-4 days (it measures about 165 X 50 feet) with 1 day's product reliably filling half a wheelbarrow (2.5 cubic feet). The addition of Raven means that I need to muck out at least every other day to stay on top of things. In my ideal world I could do it every day, but my professional world does like me to show my face at the office now and then.


Anonymous said...

I prefer shovelling horse shit compared to the political shit in the office. Horse poop is healthy and the smell does not bother me at all .... now the office ...... please supply gun and bullet(s).

dp said...

To be fair to my coworkers, I do love my office and my work. But your sentiment is completely appreciated -- I will take horse crap over political human crap any day of the week.