Friday, March 14, 2008

The Big Dig

When I got home on Tuesday evening there was an excavator in our front yard. Early Wednesday morning I started heading down the hill with Tonka (so that he could stay at Wendy's place while construction was underway) and we passed Tom on the way up with his bulldozer. Things were humming along by 08:30 and Tom was finished up, packed up and moved out by 18:30. It was an expensive 10 hours for David and I, but the thrill of watching dump truck after dump truck arrive with loads of gravel was almost worth it. Tom was able to accommodate a late request to clean up our driveway, and the property looks much neater.

Tom also removed the huge dead stump of a maple that used to live in the middle of our front yard. I wish that I had taken "before" and "after" pictures, because now it looks like it was never there.

Most importantly Tonka's paddock is now 2/3 covered in good, hard footing. Christina was here to trim his hooves this morning, and she agrees that they have really improved over the past month. We're booth eager to see what the next month on this footing will do.


Anonymous said...

You get excited with new gravel, and muck movement. I get excited when I get a new broom to clean up the gravel and muck. We appreciate the finer things in life.

David, know this, where there is muck there is money. Also, sh*t flows downhill, you'll be cleaning the paddock.

dp said...

He already knows, poor guy.