Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Solutions

Tess has come up with a great solution for keeping track of things at FF while we're in Tassie: her own blog!

And we have solved our home internet problem by getting a service from Telstra that isn't (to the best of my knowledge) even offered in Canada. It is basically a wireless router with a SIM that draws its signal from the cellular 3G network, thus circumnavigating the need for a home phone line (to get DSL) and a 2 YEAR CONTRACT. If you are ever considering travel to Australia just keep in mind that phone/cellular/internet service are insanely expensive (compared to Canada) and inflexible. Anyhow, we have plugged our Vonage phone box into this bug-like gizmo, so we now have our 604 phone number here in Hobart. How cool is that?


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Anonymous said...

Ohnoes! You could have done a million times better than a Telstra 2 year contract! Anything from Internode for example doesn't lock you into a contract and their customer service and prices are more competitive >.<