Monday, January 26, 2009

New Faces at Farcical Farm

One is a permanent addition to the cast of characters, and one is temporary. Pipsqueak (formerly known as Ginger) was rescued from a dairy farm some years ago by my hay-finding friend Shelagh. After being spayed and vetted she proceeded to beat down any other cat she could find -- weighing in at 7 pounds she has enough attitude for a full-grown tiger. When Shelagh heard that we needed a barn cat she offered Pipsqueak to us -- a compliment if you know how seriously this lady takes the welfare of her furry friends. This mouser extraordinaire is now firmly ensconced in the rafters of our garage with a deep, cozy bed and a heat lamp for comfort. And she does seem quite comfortable, especially when you love her up a little. Let's hope the rats are feeling uncomfortable.

For almost seven years I have been working with The Food Lady to help rescue border collies in need. On the weekend I collected Pepper from a local SPCA, where he had been relinquished by an elderly owner who could no longer care for him. At 10 years old Pepper is getting elderly himself, but he didn't get the memo -- if he wasn't 15-20 pounds overweight he would still be a dynamo. Even in his over-fatted and under-muscled condition his is all border collie all the time. Show this dog a ball and he can barely contain his enthusiasm. If you don't have a ball he will fetch whatever you do have. A pencil? Yes. Lid from a milk jug? Yes. Dead leaf from a house plant? Yes. Pepper will toss it at your feet and proceed to crouch and stare as only a border collie can. He has quickly endeared himself to us and some adopter is going to be very lucky to share his remaining years.


Grey Horse Matters said...

He looks like a sweetheart, I hope he finds a great home. I have two Aussies and they can be challenging to keep occupied at times too.

Sheri said...

I have two Border Collies -- one who turns 14 this spring and one who is now 11. Neither want to admit that they are elderly (or getting elderly)! That first picture of Pepper sure looks familiar -- my guess is he was just about to bark at you. My older Border Collie purses her lips before barking. Some sort of "I'm giving you a chance to throw something for me before I have to resort to barking at you"?? I, too, hope Pepper finds a good home for the remainder of his years.

I've enjoyed your blog (found through TWAAW) and seeing the horses. After not riding for 25 years, I have just taken it up again and there is a lot to learn/relearn. I am envious of the setup you have there!

Anonymous said...

Awww they're both adorable!
My cat is kinda the same. He definitely thinks he belongs in the Big Cat display at the zoo!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Pepper is adorable! Good for you fostering him until a good home can be found for him.

Yay! PipSqueak! You get those rats, sweetie!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ps, I wanted to tell you that I loved what you said on my blog. So true, so true!
In fact everytime they escape, they are always mere feet away from the gate that leads to their paddock. lol!
They are such funny critters. On the other hand, our sheep never want to leave their paddock. We could leave the gate open all day and they will avoid going near it, as if one step out means certain death. hehe

Thanks again for your wonderful comment on my blog :)


WV: 'padicati'

A paddock for cats.

Chelsi said...

I have an ACD with a ball at my feet right now! He is just waiting for me to accidently hit it with my foot so that he can scramble to catch it! Dont you just love the way they stare at it with that look.... here is a link to a post I did on my Hawkydog with pics of him with his ball....

Your kitty looks a lot like one of my cats that I lost last year.
She was also a killer good mouser. I miss her like crazy.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Love the idea of a heat lamp and some loving up for Pipsqueak. Pepper looks like such a sweetie. He reminds me of Kim, my BC/Shep cross who lived to age 18. She only began to settle down around age 12.

Funder said...

Super cute tiny barn cat! My first barn had an exceptionally friendly, exceptionally ferocious mouser. I'd let her ride on my shoulders sometimes, and in return she'd bring me headless mice. So sweet but disgusting!

Pepper is a handsome fellow. Good luck with him - I don't know if I could foster. Letting him go to a new human is gonna be tough!

dp said...

I'll have to check my records by I think that Peppers is our 25th or 26th foster dog. Willow is the only one that I have kept so far, and I was 99% sure I would be keeping her before she even arrived at our house. It's actually easy to let them go when you know they are being adopted by great people. Our rescue is VERY picky so that's a given. Sometimes I am sad when they leave, but mostly happy for them and for me (especially when some of the wilder youngsters go on their way -- they're tiring!).

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a bigger place! I'd adopt him in a heart beat!

Without any sort of training, my Aussie, Copper, has figured out how to play fetch. He's realized if he drops the ball near me, I'll throw it again.

eybob- what contacts were called before they had an official name