Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tonka Update

Seven weeks ago I mentioned that Tonka seemed desperate for the kind of medical attention that Raven was receiving at the time. Could I have brought this upon myself?

On Friday morning Kerstin came out to check on Tonka and she feels 95% sure that we are dealing with a contact allergy -- either a continuation from the original itchiness, or something that was on my hands while I was treating him (i.e. obsessively poking and prodding him) for that. At this stage he is slightly less swollen and all of the outer skin is peeling off in sheets. His temperature is normal, but we are keeping him on the antibiotics as a precaution against infection of the torn skin. His appetite is somewhat diminished, probably due to the antibiotics and the pain so he is getting a gram of bute with each meal. His urine is an alarming shade of orange, but I assume that is from the drugs (I am waiting for a call from Kerstin to confirm). Otherwise he seems comfortable, and he *really* enjoys his zinc oxide treatments in the mornings. Horn dog.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for the update and those lovely photos. The zinc oxide reminds me of frost on grapes. gah!

He sure looks good though. I'm glad to hear things are improving with his 'man-bits'.

I meant to tell you that I know about 'wafarin'. My husband has been taking it for 15 years for blood clots he had in his lungs.
Did you know that warfarin is an ingredient in rat poison?

Nice, eh?

New Mexico, USA

Funder said...

Uh, this is probably a silly question, but could he be allergic to either the zinc oxide or an inactive ingredient in the cream?

I'm glad to hear he's still improving!

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EvenSong said...

Yes, he DOES look a bit better! (especially if the published photo of his "udder" was before it got to it's worse!) As long as he's improving (and enjoying the "treatments" to his maleness) it's good.

What I've been known to use instead of straight zinc oxide is "Desitin" diaper cream--it has not only the Z.O. but vitamins A and D as well...

"lomings" = lonely roaming things

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Tonka is on the mend. Though, the zinc oxide makes it look like his bits are coated in ice. Brrr!

asirless= one sir less than a couple; a dame

(It was worth two definitions!)

allhorsestuff said...

Frosty looking male parts there!
Glad to hear and SEE that he is shrinking to normal status!
Sure don't like to hear of the color of his excretion though..hummm call.

fratons = brothers that like wontons

dp said...

LOR: Yes, my father-in-law also takes warfarin for blood clots in his legs. I think it was a rat poison before it was a human medicine, but I'm not positive. The dogs probably ate a rat that had been poisoned with the stuff.

Funder: Not silly, but also not likely. I only started using the zinc oxide (Penaten cream, actually) when the skin started to split and peel. He has improved since then, so I think it's safe. Kerstin did wonder if it was a reaction to the "Special Formula" we originally used.

ES: I should point out that the original photo wasn't Tonka -- just something I found online to demonstrate how swollen he was (and yes, he was more swollen than that). He is improving. It is slower than I would like, but the swelling seems to be going down starting from the back of the sheath. Also, I have been using Penaten cream for that very reason -- a little extra protection.

I'll talk to Kerstin tomorrow about the vibrant orange urine, but he is looking better still tonight. I am slowly taking a sigh of relief.