Monday, January 5, 2009

The Great Escape

We have had at least six inches of snow on the ground for three weeks now, which is unprecendented in my 13 years in the Lower Mainland. Tonka and Raven have mostly been confined to the paddock, but I am opening up the pasture on days when they seem energetic. They usually bounce around for a bit, dig for some grass and head back into the paddock when they have tired themselves out.

Raven was in one of her thoroughbred moods yesterday morning, throwing little hissy fits and being a royal wench. I opened the horse gate to the back pasture hoping that she would blow off some steam, but I completely forgot to check that the human gate into our back yard was closed. Sure enough both horses trotted out, made two sharp turns to the right, and were stampeding past David's office window before I could say "ah, shit".

When David came out to help wrangle them back into the paddock they broke west around to the front porch -- thankfully Tonka wimped out before they got caught up in the rock garden or the drainage pit. Then they broke north, down the driveway and onto the road before striking out towards the highway (a good 500 meters away, but I would have preferred them to head towards the dead end in the other direction) at a trot. Somewhere at the back of my mind I was thrilled to see Tonka trotting big and sound on the freshly-plowed asphalt.

Horses on the loose don't worry me much, but I hate to see them on the road where an unpredictable spook in conjunction with a passing car can have horrific consequences. Fortunately Tonka soon lost his nerve, turned around and trotted back down the road, past our driveway and into the next one, where they got shooed home again by our neighbours. The whole thing took about five minutes and Tonka had the decency to look contrite when I caught up with him. Raven, on the other hand, looked ready for more.


allhorsestuff said...

Oh my...laughing somewhat here...with your no time for Ah shit!
And what a guy you are..breaking North and turning West, heading South!I thought we women used landmarks and bumps in the gravel not actual South /East North/ and West!!!
Well that Raven has a pissy look to be had on her! Oou!They sure know when the time is right for an antic huh.
Nice Eye
rallee yes, it is a form of oraganised event(escape this time)

Funder said...

Are you serious? It's still snowing on you?! Woooo boy...

Yeah, I know that horrible sinking feeling when the horses make a break for the road. I'm glad they're back safe and sound from their adventure - and glad they both felt good enough to bolt for freedom!

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking that Raven looked awfully pissy too! LOL

We had a couple inches hit the Portland area on Saturday. It dipped cold, then warmed up and rained, then decided to "snain" and get cold again. I just wish the weather would make up it's mind and either be cold and stay cold, or be warmer and stay that way.

umsham- the knock off version of ShamWow made in Bangladesh.

Brandy said...

I heard on the news that we are prepping for a La Nina year. Good news for us down here in the hot, we need rain, but it could get deeper up there!

Good Tonka, he just wanted a tiny adventure!

But Raven is wanting more.... Can you ride her a bit? She may be spoiling for work... Rotten little demon girl! LOL!

sherlati - the lowest of low fat flavored hot drinks?

dp said...

AHS: My father was a navigator (long before GPS) and nothing less than NSWE was acceptable in my family.

Funder: Now raining. A lot. We managed to extricate both vehicles from the slushy driveway. Did you get yours out yet?

OS: Oh yes, Raven is a mare through-and-through. She is very rarely pissy with me, but Tonka was just behind me in this picture and she was letting us know that the alfalfa in the feeders was HERS. This is why I call her Miss Thing (or should that be Thang?).

Brandy: I will not be getting on Raven until I can start re-conditioning her after the injury. And I won't be doing that until we are rid of some of this snow. If conditioning goes well I hope to be back in the saddle in March, but probably not beforehand as the leg is not ready.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, my goodness, I would have been having a fit when they headed towards the highway. I'm thinking it was a fairly long five minutes and you must have breathed a bit more freely when Tonka trotted back down the road. It's funny how, even in the midst of a crisis, one's mind will note other non-related (sort of) stuff. So good to hear Tonka is moving well. And yeah.. that "before I could say "ah, shit" had me laughing too. So glad all turned out well.