Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Family Affair

My sister, my brother-in-law and my two nephews have been visiting Farcical Farm for the past week -- the first time we have hosted my side of the family tree. Although I get to Toronto a few times each year it was nice to have the tables turned by an encounter on my own turf. We frolicked in the snow, ate a lot, didn't drink too too much, played Wii, watched silly TV shows and had a great time. The Ruddy Beast is plenty big for six people, our little dishwasher didn't mind doing triple duty, and Mister Giotto was worshiped by all. The Callaghan clan is thinking of buying property in Ontario this summer (they have two avid dirt-bikers on their hands) so I hope their time at Farcical Farm was both fun and encouraging.

They spoiled us in several ways while they were here, but primarily by helping with the farm chores each morning. Everyone would suit up and head out to feed, water, muck and exercise the dogs. Concern for the warfarin-tainted curs and the swollen-sheathed nag was shared by all, with the five-year-old Rory keeping astute mental record of their progress. The only thing I dislike about living in BC is being so far from my family -- the house seems quiet and surprisingly lonely without them.


Funder said...

Oh, that sounds like a lovely visit :)

How are the four-footers? Improving, I hope!

pronb: What bad typists resort to after Plan A fails.

allhorsestuff said...

Fun Fun!
Wondering how the swollen man is doing?
I also never allow Wa to sniff others normally..she is a "striker as well, but I sensed her infactualtion for the old white mare instantly. Later, when she was seemingly waiting for Pantz to reappear, she stuck out a bit while loose.
Can't believe you still have the snow!

remsw =good sleep at the far corner of the house

Black Jack's Carol said...

Since Rory was observing the progress, I'm hoping that means both the dogs and Tonka are doing better?

I can't imagine a better place than Farcical for a family vacation break, especially for the boys. With young, hip relatives who play Wii, as well as wide open space and all the cool animals, it must have been a blast for them. (I also was the only one of my family to move West.)

Anonymous said...

Aww dp! We're all here for you! You can just pretend that we're all clumping in and out of the Ruddy Beast!

dp said...

Thanks, all! I added a new picture of Rory and his pals Willow and Watson. He is wary of dogs in general, but he was pretty fascinated with our crew.

The dogs are now fine and probably on the hunt for more warfarin-laced treats. That's dogs for you. Tonka's sheath is improving slowly, but his attitude is chipper and friendly as always.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww....sounds like a wonderful time spent with your family :)

I hope their land purchase works out so you can see them more often.
New Mexico

Funder said...

He is a very cute but serious young man. Is he the dirt biker?

dp said...

Rory is the smaller of the two dirt-bikers in the picture. Riley is the bigger. They have very different personalities, but they share similar interests.