Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tacky Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 1-year anniversary of my decision to buy Tonka despite his founder diagnosis, and today marks the 1-year anniversary of the blog.

We celebrated yesterday with another ride in the pasture. Both horses were fantastic -- Raven stayed calm throughout the whole 45 minutes (still at liberty) and Tonka worked hard at his bending and straightening exercises. Instead of riding in the Wintec 2000 AP I tried him in the old Wintec stock saddle I bought last spring. What a difference for both of us! The closer contact really helped Tonka to understand my leg aids, and the long panels with the set-back stirrups are reminiscent of a dressage saddle, which is where I feel most comfortable. I had always intended to change the gullet in that saddle for Raven, but now I am keeping it for Tonka. With composite stirrups (which I love) the whole thing will weigh less than 10 pounds. I have been riding Raven quite happily in a cordura Wintec 100 Sport of the same era (and weight), so she really doesn't need another saddle.


allhorsestuff said...

Well there, Happy Anniversaries!!!
There is something Great to be said for a light saddle I tell ya.
I ride more and more in the little Hans B jump saddle verses the Hans All Purp..I swear it wieghs 25 pounds!
Your time sounds very wonderful out there!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary of getting Tonka and your blog started.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I'm glad you rode yesterday, really happy that you and Tonka found each other, heartwarmed (sorry, only word that will come to me at this hour) at the thought of Raven alongside, and absolutely grateful that you started this blog.

Brandy said...

Happy Anniversary! Doesn't Tonka look wonderful now? He's healthy, happy, proud and beautiful!

And I'm so glad you created this blog, I enjoy reading it! Thanks!

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