Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hell in a Handbasket

You need to understand that it has been pouring in Deroche for the last 36 hours. The batteries are dead in our rain gauge, but I would estimate that at least 15 cm of rain have melted at least 30 cm of snow. Everything I am about to describe takes place under ridiculously wet conditions.

David left for work around 3 this afternoon and I got home around 8 this evening. I was met at the door by two piles of dog manure that appeared to be nothing more than redigested horse manure. Willow is the definite culprit, and she must have eaten A LOT if she was desperate enough to relieve herself in the house.

After cleaning that up and feeding the dogs I suited up to feed Titan and the livestock. David had called earlier to say that Titan was moping under the goat van and, sure enough, he was still under there. He greeted me with a pathetic whine and abject refusal to move. I was so worried about him that I crawled in with his dinner, which he proceeded to eat with gusto. Under the van is his go-to place when something scares him, so I assume that he was weirded out by the endless rain. He followed me when I crawled out, and I lay an ex-pen under there to make it uncomfortable. Hopefully he will choose his dog house or the inside of the van tonight.

Onto the horses. When Tonka's sheath first flared up I removed the leg straps from his rain sheet to prevent any rubbing. It has stayed in place all week without them, but this evening he was wearing it like a bib, swinging his forelegs to the sides to avoid walking in it. Miraculously both he and the sheet are undamaged -- have I mentioned how much I love the Schneiders products? Poor Raven was moving very stiffly on both hinds. I suspect it's because she has spent most of the day just standing in the shelter -- there is no heat or swelling in either.

We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I am very happy to be in bed now. I would be even happier if the rain died down.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Being greeted with dog poop is always a nice way to be welcomed home. I love your pictures, very cute. Hope it stops raining for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're weathering through the weather!

fockeen- the cool, new way for kids to say the "f" word

Brandy said...

OMG, what a lovely evening! Poor goggies! And Tonka, so smart and brave, he must be so bombproof to not have freaked out and killed everything when his blanky went crazy on him!

I bet Raven's just stiff from standing around in the cold and damp.

Man, the worst thing for me is seeing all the rain and snow everyone 'up north' is getting, and watching it skirt SoCal. It's 50 and partly cloudy, and will be in the 70's this weekend. And probably 90 next week, at this rate. It sounds nice, but it's frustrating, and downright scary when the water bill arrives!

I miss weather....

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Black Jack's Carol said...

I think it will be better weather for the animals today. I'm wondering if they were spooked by the crazy wind yesterday. Also wondering if you have any worries about flooding. Hope the worst of the weather stuff is over for them - and you! It's funny. I found Sam once with his blanket in bib position, but he was amazingly calm about some things. He was just standing in his stall looking at me with a, "Well, can't you see I need a little help here?" expression.

dp said...

The rain is back to its normal January drizzle now. We are so lucky to be living on a plateau and not in the river valley. There is some severe flooding on the properties below us, but the brunt of the damage is on the south side of the river.

I'm happy to report that we did not get Vancouver's high winds yesterday -- the animals needed the break. Both Tonka and Raven spent the whole night lying down and resting. I am less happy to report that Titan's coat was very matted in a couple of places along his back and I had to shave it out. I think that pain in conjunction with the bad weather was bugging him, but David and I have fenced off the underside of the van so he can't hide there any more -- definitely does not help the sore spots on his back as he can hardly get under there.

Funder said...

Mmmm, recycled manure. Cersei went through a puppy phase where it was her favorite food, but thankfully she's outgrown her cravings for it. Of course, now she thinks the new horse grain, the Purina Ultium, is delicious. Sigh.

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