Monday, September 8, 2008

Jumping Up and Down

Not literally because I'm at the office, but I'm tempted. A colleague of Shelagh's at Unifeed just called to say that one of his clients has 800 bales of hay testing at 6% water soluble carbohydrate and 15% crude protein and selling for $6.50/bale. Woot! Jeremy also thought his client would be willing to store 200 bales for me until spring, and he knows a fellow that will load, haul and unload for $1.25/bale. This is one bright spot in an otherwise very stressful day.


Funder said...

Oooh yay! Congratulations! It's such an awesome feeling to have hay lined up, I know.

Anonymous said...

Follow this logic.... your comments refer to hay .... hay comes from grass .... do goats eat grass? I've been told that is the one thing they will not eat?

dp said...

Our goats will eat grass, but they prefer to browse on leaves if they can. They will sometimes choose hay over browsing. Our theory is that they simply like variety, so when in the horse paddock they eat the horse hay because they don't get horse hay in the goat paddock. They are very contrary little creatures.