Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Official

Earlier today Patrick Hudon left a voicemail confirming that Tonka is Kellys Mountain. He was obviously choked up, and pleased to hear that his former horse is in a happy home. He also said that Tonka gave him plenty of trouble on the track, but that his wife had been very fond of him. I will call later today to get the details -- I suspect it will be a long conversation. And a photo from the archives, since I'm feeling nostalgic. Look at that neck!


Brandy said...

Oh, what wonderful news! It's so great that you could find out for sure about your beauty boy!

He sure does like the ladies, hahaha! And yes, what a neck! He's got power, but he's a gentleman!

3dogslater said...

Awww...you found out where Tonka's from! I'm sure it will be interesting to learn about his past, and hopefully his former owner appreciates just how lucky his horse is to have ended up with you and not at the slaughterhouse or worse.

dp said...

Thanks! Right now I think Tonka would appreciated having been purchased by someone who actually had shelter for her horses (it's raining again), but hopefully we can satisfy that this weekend.