Friday, September 26, 2008


On September 4th our Twister shelter was picked up in Alberta by FedEx Freight. At that time I was told that delivery would take about three business days. On Friday September 12th someone called to say that (1) they only deliver in our area on Thursdays and (2) the delivery truck for our area does not have a lift gate. I told them that we paid for lift gate service (Henry does not have a front-end loader) and that's what we expected. Later that day FedEx called back to say that it had all been arranged and that we should expect the delivery on September 18th. On September 17th the driver called to confirm and told David that "we will need a lot of people to get it off the truck" so David reminded him that we had paid for lift gate service. The driver assured him that everything would be OK.

On September 18th a very rude lady from the Vancouver office of FedEx Freight called to tell us that the crate was too big to get off the truck with a pallet jack and a lift gate, and that delivery would be delayed until they could find a solution. Phone calls flew back on forth over the next few days and the rude lady got progressively ruder. On September 22nd she told me flat out that "the only way we will deliver the freight is if you have a forklift onsite to offload it" because "it is impossible to move 1200 lbs with a pallet jack". Would FedEx pay for the forklift and operator rental? No. Why did FedEx accept the shipment if they couldn't deliver? Because they did not understand how big the shipment was when arrangements were made by phone (despite knowing its weight and dimensions).

More phone calls flew back and forth until the very rude lady (feeling heat from all sides, I think) announced that another company would be delivering the shelter on the 24th at no extra charge (beyond the $800 I had already paid). She made it clear that she was doing us a big favour and that we should be grateful to FedEx for this concession. The crate shown above arrived the following day and was offloaded by with....wait for it...a pallet jack and a lift gate. My nasty letter was mailed that afternoon, and the shelter-building process will start tomorrow morning.


Sam said...

And that is why everyone should choose UPS!

Of course, I may be slightly biased in the matter, seeing as my mom works for the company that insures them.

At least you didn't have to pay extra. :/

Brandy said...

Oh. My. GAWD! What a fiasco! But at least the Twister is on the ground!! (Is that a good thing?)

And I don't know what it is about Canada and shipping... I don't bid on stuff on ebay if it has to ship from Canada. I won't live long enough to see it way down here in LA. But stuff from Hong Kong will get here in 4 days! So strange!

But congrats on sticking to your guns, and getting that awesome shelter! I can't wait to see it all built and Tonka inside. I wonder if Raven will be freaked about it, or if she'll be just as happy with it? Hmmm!