Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'd Like to Thank The Academy...

Daun over at The Eventing Percheron was kind enough (strange enough?) to bestow an Arte y Pico award on FFF. Thanks! I'm not much into this kind of thing, but it does provide me with an opportunity to promote five blogs that I enjoy.

1) Bad Astronomy. If I were smarter and more ambitious I would want to be an astronaut because space fascinates me. Although this author is a serious astronomer he does a great job of making a wide range of scientific topics accessible to a general readership.

2) Notes from Kenya. This journal about life in a hyena research group comes from Funder's blogroll. The science is interesting, the pictures are great and the posts are insightful. It is also a reminder of the long months I spent living and working in Uganda, which now go mostly forgotten.

3) The Daily Coyote. If pictures are worth a thousand words, this blog is worth millions. Ever wonder what life might be like if you (1) lived on a ranch in Wyoming and (2) adopted an orphan coyote?

4) The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. Writing decently is important to me, but not so important that I feel superior to folks who are less hung up about it. Many of the grammar blogs strike me as elitist and unkind, but this one is mostly opportunistic, subtle, and darned funny.

5) The Eventing Percheron. My days of serious training and competitive riding are long gone, but I really enjoy reading about Brego's progress as an eventer and a fox hunter. In a world so poised on the brink of disaster (environmental, political, economical) I find it comforting to know that people like me are still out there setting small goals and working hard to achieve them.

There are several others of course. Reading blogs provides my addled brain with much-needed down time when I am doing weird science, and I really appreciate that so many talented people allow me to sneak peeks into their minds and their lives.


Daun said...

Thanks, dp!

I also used to be a big fan of the Daily Coyote but I dropped off when she added ads not only to the site but to the RSS feeds. Am I a jerk?? You bet, but I don't support blogs with embedded ads.

The Strange Maps blog has a nice book out too which I think makes a good gift.

Thanks for the Astronomer and Unnecessary Quotes blog. Another funny one is:
Stuff White People Like.

I see myself in that blog all the time. It's good to remember I am genetically programed to be an a-hole.

dp said...

I hate adds to, but I don't get them on the new RSS for the Daily Coyote.

I loved SWPL at first, but when the book came out it just got too self-congratulatory for me. But yes, I have learned a lot about myself by reading that blog.

dp said...

BTW: Nothing makes me laugh the way FailBlog makes me laugh, but I have a very twisted sense of humour.