Friday, February 8, 2008


I use "proto" because it will set the standard for any/all hay feeder designs to come and "typical" because it might be over-engineered, which is a habit of mine. It measures 24" X 24" X 48" and the material that contains the hay is vinyl lattice with a 3" square pattern, which should slow the rate of consumption and force Tonka to put a little effort into getting his food. Wild horses don't stumble across 5lb piles of food three times daily -- they are constantly on the move, nibbling as they go. We don't have room for Tonka to be on the move 18+ hours per day, but I'm hoping this feeder (which will always be full) will help to provide him with a more natural way of eating while reducing the amount of hay we waste. Total cost came to $137, but only because I bought pre-cut plywood so I didn't have to clear off the completely chaotic work bench in our shop. Total time commitment (shopping included) came to 6 hours.

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