Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby Steps

I couldn't resist this morning's sun, so I saddled Tonka for a ride up and down the street. He's not a brave horse, and it was slow going down the road. I let him stop to look at things that frightened him, but managed to keep the forward momentum until we reached the bottom of the hill where he planted himself and puffed hard -- the sheep, other horses and a big truck were all too much for him. I hopped off to walk him by hand (I'm not proud) and we hung out with the sheep until he had settled enough for me to remount. He willingly went further down the road, and didn't pull for home when we turned around. We rode past our house without trouble, and bravely encountered three "for sale" signs in the other direction. He was definitely relaxed by the end of it, and we managed to have a nice trot and to establish that he can neck rein (I can't) and back up very nicely. Here's photographic evidence (see mom, I'm wearing my helmet) shot by David before I had the chance to even up my left stirrup.


Unknown said...

What an adventure you've been through already! I'm glad to see you are able to ride Tonka already, and I'm sure you will enjoy having company for him, too.

I think it's wonderful that you are spending so much time and taking care with these horses nobody wants. We have a farm motto, too, that horses only leave "feet-first" - meaning that our horses are here for life.

Maybe we can do some riding this summer; I have a horse trailer, a slightly bigger "Red thing," and a mostly trained Standarbred ex-race horse who needs riding.

Happy trails.

Samantha P.

dp said...

Oooh! My first comment from someone I don't live with (though a coworker of his, I believe). Would love to hit the trails sometime this summer, and I'm sure that Raven would love a good race. She can MOVE.