Saturday, February 9, 2008


Tonka came home today. I met Jen from HorseHop at the barn at 10 anticipating a struggle to get him loaded up. Tonka surprised us both by hopping into the trailer without second thought -- perhaps this was part of his former life. After we got underway he REALLY surprised us both by knocking his grated window open on the freeway and hanging his head and neck out like a dog enjoying the breeze, but we arrived in Deroche an hour after departure with a sweaty and stressed horse still safely in tow. So far he has been a trooper, calling occasionally to the other horses in the neighborhood but eating, drinking and excreting -- all important processes for a large vegetarian. The day was awfully wet, but he seems comfortable hanging out in his blanket under the cedars. Tomorrow I will take him out and about, but today we just let him get used to the new place, the new people, and the dogs. Watson in particular, who feels the best defense is a noisy offense. Here's the view out our bedroom window this afternoon:

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