Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1200lbs of Chicken

At about 11 last night David and I heard a weird sound coming from outside. It took a few minutes for us to realize that it was Tonka trumpeting alarm at some perceived threat. Our dogs were silent, but the pack down the street was kicking up a fuss. Chances are that the neighborhood bobcat or one the bears had passed by and that Tonka had every right to be making his fearsome presence known. But this morning, in broad daylight, he was still huddled into one corner of his paddock looking at the back pasture with trepidation. I coaxed him out there with a little alfalfa, thinking fondly of April 1st when Raven is tentatively scheduled to arrive. She will be good, brave company for the poor fellow.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. What breed is Tonka? How many hands? English or western, or both? How old?

Tail. I used to spritz my guys tail daily with Showsheen, so weekly detangling was a breeze.

dp said...

What kind of horse is Tonka? A big gray one. He might be a QH/Percheron cross by the size of him (easily 16hh, and built like a tank), but all we can do is guess. Likewise I have very little information on his training, but he does neck rein. He also yields quite nicely to leg, so who can say? The vet estimates that he's 12.

Thanks for the tail tips!