Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working for the Man

The "little man" that is. Although Tonka's willy is no longer swollen, it remains itchy and I scratch it for him most evenings to offer a little relief. He really appreciates the attention and follows me around begging for more when I stop. Given that Funder and Sarah have been talking about clicker training recently I was inspired to combine stretching exercises with a verbal marker (I have no clue where my clicker is) and a scratching reward. Within 10 minutes I had him targeting his ribs with his nose and actually taking bites at himself because he couldn't contain his enthusiasm for this new game. Men, eh?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry he's still itchy, but that is a fun game. Especially, if you are a male of the species.

allhorsestuff said...

((Hahaha)))Oh Tonk!

Pretty Pantz is doing Drill for fun, at her new barn..not compettive though. She would not survive that again!
Thanks for asking~

Anonymous said...

Silly boy!

Brandy said...

Oh DEAR! At least you've turned it into a, ummm, growth experience! Heehee!

Maybe you can also train him to somehow stop the trichotillomanic kidlets? (That CAN'T be good for them... can kids get hairballs?)

Have you tried bag balm or another cold weather ointment? Poor guy!

mangsh - a tailless cat, as pronounced by a 'brace-face'?