Saturday, February 14, 2009


There are many different kinds of hoof boots available, but Renegades are relative newcomers. Christina Cline tried them on her trail riding vacation this summer and she was very impressed. As a barefoot hoof care professional she has some clout in securing orders of this popular product (I believe that production is several weeks behind demand right now) and has offered to get me a pair for Raven. So far I have been holding off due to the expense (well over $200 CDN) but now that the vet bills are almost paid off I have been considering them more seriously.

Until her injury I had been riding Raven in EasyBoot Epics, but not without hitches like buckles popping open on trails and gators ripping off at a gallop. She is a challenging enough horse to ride without having to worry about her boots, and something more secure would ease my mind in the saddle. The Renegades have a unique design with a rigid, heel-cupping section instead of a soft gator. They look easy to use and they come in colours like "Arizona copper" and "dragon fire red" -- what else is there to know?


Stacey said...

Remind you of anything?

Kidding, kidding. They look really cool!

Grey Horse Matters said...

They look sturdy enough. If you decide to get them let us know how they work out for Raven.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks for letting us know about these. They look unique. One concern I would have is that the holes in the plastic part of the heel would be a nice place for sticks to get caught and poke through the foam. I doubt a stick could get through far enough to poke the horse, but I could see stuff getting jammed in there.

EvenSong said...

I'll leave those hi-tech, can't loe 'em in a snow bank models for you young kids! I'll stick with my plain ol' black Simple Boots (Cavallo). Once I got the right size, I've been really pleased with them. And not nearly so many wires and adjustables to break or get caught on something.

allhorsestuff said...

I just saw these over at an endurance site...the glue on's look intersting too.
I am loving my "Old Macs G-2's" right now..good grip no wires or clasps. Only good for 25 miles..FINE!
Those do look lighter in weight.

I can only use the Epics now on the hinds. Easy boot makes reusable pins to keep the stupid clasp down. I own so many of the blasted boots!
I did try the Cavvallos..but for mud and water..the velcro just does not work very long..getting off to put a boot back on-nope

dp said...

You raise a good point, NM. I haven't heard any complaints about this, but will ask Christina the next time I see her.

I have a pair of Simple Boots for Raven's hinds when we're going over really rocky terrain, and I like them well enough. I would not gallop her in them though, as I am afraid they will twist or trip her up...they are not low profile like the easy boots.

Brandy said...

These look pretty neat!

I LOVE the jade, and that burgundy blitz might look spiffy on Raven! Fancy feets!