Sunday, February 22, 2009

Routine Checkup

Our neighbours claim that the weather was beautiful while David and I were away, and we arrived home in time to enjoy at least one day of sun before the predicted rain begins. We also arrived home with my mother in tow for her first visit to Farcical Farm (which inspired me to dig out some Reno Hell pictures).
It was good to get back to my chores this morning, but surprising to find that my routine was already not-so-routine. I forgot to bring the beet pulp bucket with me when I fed the horses, so I had to go back to the garage to get it. I forgot to collect the manure fork after dumping the wheelbarrow, so I had to go back to the paddock to get it. I forgot Titan's dinner in the laundry room tonight, so I had to go back to the house to get it. A myriad of time-consuming little mistakes that I don't normally make. From my stable hand days I know that most horse caretakers know the fastest, most efficient way to get their chores finished, and I usually follow a careful routine (sometimes more slowly than others). Tomorrow I will be back on my game.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure it will come back to you in a flash, you just needed a day to get everything in order again.
Glad you're home, hope your mom has a nice visit.

EvenSong said...
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EvenSong said...

After six (almost 7!) years here, we've finally gotten the whole place set up up to be super efficient. Cause it's so hard for me to go out into the cold in the mornings, Al takes over the AM feeding during the winter (before we leave for work). I set out breakfast the night before, bring in the one bucket of grain that needs hot water (for our RT, 29 year old boarder) and he can feed, pull RT's blankie, and generally check that everything is where/how it's supposed to be in about 10 minutes! Then at night I muck, feed, and set out breakfast again. As soon as the days get a little longer and warmer, I might even start getting some weekday rides in!
Al's not really a horse person--though he's learned a lot! He'll call me on the intercom if something doesn't seem right (he was the one that found Corky down in December).
Al is SUCH a BLESSING to me!

Jean said...

I always find that anything that disrupts my usual solitary life throws my brain and my routine out of whack - vacations, visitors, changes in weather doesn't take much to throw me off these days!
I hope your mom enjoys her visit at Farcical Farm and I sure hope her visit lasts longer than the rain!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Say "hi" to your mother! The wonders of internet that I have an image and a sense of her personality, after seeing the photo of the two of you together with the flowers, and also through hints of your heritage as you record your thoughts and actions. I feel sure she will love Farcical and the extended time with you and Dave.

As for memory lapses, I am the queen of forgetfulness, so relish any evidence of the same, no matter how rare, in others. Just gives you a chance to experience a taste of my normal:)

Brandy said...

Good to have you home, and I hope your mom enjoys her visit!

Were there happy neighs and bleats and woofs to greet you?

Arg, getting back into the routine is rough. At least no one died today! LOL!

Funder said...

Welcome back!