Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zuke Nukem

If you’re a vegetable gardener chances are that you’ve got some zucchini on your hands right now.  We try to pick them small at Farcical Farm, but sometimes they get away from us.  On Saturday we found a giant lurking under the leaves, and tonight I decided to use it for something other than chocolate zucchini cake (that link is for the best. recipe. ever.).  Some Googling brought me to this zucchini and basil soup recipe, both of which are plentiful in our garden.  It’s delightful.



EvenSong said...

I think maybe you need an infant car seat for that one!
It's good to have you back blogging again! (Did I already tell you that?)

Carole said...

I'm reminded of the local joke:

Why do Mennonites lock their car doors in the church parking lot?

So that the neighbours don't fill the back seat with zucchini!

Dreaming said...

Love it!
I warned my neighbors to lock their cars or they might find bags of garden largess on their seats - never thought of strapping it in!!!

AareneX said...

My family practices "zuchinni bombing" every year. My mom says that anybody who leaves their doors unlocked and windows rolled down in the church parking lot in late summer deserves to find zuchinni in there.

Also, people who give me their house keys so I can feed animals for them know that they will come home after Labor Day weekend and find zukes in the fridge. shrug Hey, y'all knew the risks.

Best z-bomb ever: We went to a local endurance ride a few years ago over the Labor Day weekend, and nobody locks their rigs in camp, y'know. We filled up the driver's seat of one truck, and hit the adjacent trucks too. We even put a few (little) zukes in our own truck, to misdirect suspicion.

Sarah Henderson, BCCDC said...

I'm really glad that I posted this, simply because I now know that no one is safe from zucchini bombers. Perhaps I should start locking the vehicles even at home?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! That Zuke is huge!