Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Switcheroo

Vehicles are an important part of life on a hobby farm.  For many of us they serve double-duty, doing farm chores and transporting us back and forth to our paying jobs.  Until recently David and I had a nice four-seater (marginally) pickup truck and a geriatric two-seater car.  The Tacoma used more gas than necessary (I don’t like to be a single person driving that much vehicle around – my own preference) and the Miata was ready for retirement to summer-only driving, so we pulled a switcheroo last week.  David and I are now the proud owners of a nice four-seater car and a geriatric two-seater pickup.  



Nothing gets away without a name around here, so please welcome Darth Ru and Darth Ranger to the Farcical Farm team.  David has the longer commute, and he’s enjoying the luxury of Darth Ru relative to that of the old Miata.  For my part, I am still adapting to life without power steering. 

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AareneX said...

We name our stuff too. I drive Darth Ranger's cousin: the Little Red Riding Truck!