Sunday, September 5, 2010

Luna is Short for Lunatic

Tilley's space-occupying tumour left a space in need of occupation at Farcical Farm. I thought it would be months before I could consider the addition of another dog, but it turned out that I was wrong. Sometime at the beginning of August That'll Do Border Collie Rescue (an organization for which David and I have done a lot of volunteering) helped an Australian Shepherd / Jack Russell Terrier mix out of an unhappy situation. Not a border collie, to be sure, but just the dog for me. Reserved around strangers? Check.* Good with cats? Check. Protective of her place and people? Check. High toy drive? Check. Merley girlie? Check.

On top of all that Luna turns out to be incredibly smart and surprisingly eager-to-please, given that both Aussies and JRTs are known for their independent personalities. She has slipped into the routine of Farcical Farm with minimal difficulty, and she's totally captivated us with big personality. Welcome home, little one.



* I know it’s weird, but I prefer dogs who are reserved with strangers to those who are friendly with everyone.  I think it’s probably because I relate to them, being quite reserved with strangers myself.


Jean said...

WOO-HOO!!! Yay for you and David for taking in a rescued dog, and I'm so happy for Luna that she is fitting in well.
(Now, don't you think you need the Food Lady to come do a photo shoot for you? I can personally recommend her dog-and-farm-animal photography skills!).

Sarah Henderson, BCCDC said...

Thanks, Jean. Of course we'd never take in any other kind of dog! And yes, that Food Lady does have some Mad Skillz with the camera.

Unknown said...

Welcome home to Luna. Sounds like she's a wondrous addition.

EvenSong said...

Welcome home to Luna--you picked a great place to become family! (And welcome back to blog-ville to you, dp--I was afraid we'd lost you to FaceBook.) It is hard to imagine that one can fill those holes in our hearts with a different dog (cat, horse) but they don't try--they just wheedle their way in in a different spot.

My Aussie cross Chewie was one of the two best dogs I've ever owned. As you say, they're eager to please, sweet, and S*M*A*R*T! She wasn't the cuddler that sweet, dumb Sandy is, but she loved us none the less.

How's the rest of the crew doing? Updates, please!

AareneX said...

Welcome to YOUR Luna from OUR Luna. Ours is a merlie girlie too (sheltie, though).

I agree with EvenSong: updates on everyone, please!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Luna! Congrats! I remember reading something about her on Sheena's site, I think. Or Facebook. Or something, somewhere. I thought she was cute, but leary of the JRT in her. I used to work for a breeder and have seen the dark-side of JRTs. How is she with the cats? Do her traits lean more towards one breed or the other?