Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Top of Old Tassie

David and I spent a quiet Christmas at home, and then headed out to Mt. Field National Park for boxing day. This is the most visited park in Tasmania, partially due to its proximity to Hobart (about 70 km), and partially due to its stunning and easily-accessible scenery. A flat, easy and lovely 2 km walk will get you to Russell Falls and, at night, a large colony of tree-dwelling glow worms. This inland rainforest is also home to some of the tallest hardwood trees in the world…300+ year-old swamp gums towering 250+ feet above the creek beds.


Those willing to drive 15 km up a winding gravel road are treated to the easiest possible trip into Tasmania’s alpine. Yesterday we hiked around a series of high, glacial lakes called tarns, enjoying the sun and the unique plant life. Back to work tomorrow, unfortunately.



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AareneX said...

Absolutely fabulous!

I must admit that the mention of glowing worms reminded me strongly of this:

tee hee!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Love the photos and descriptions. For now, will enjoy the thrill of second hand views of places I hope to see for myself one day. All the best to you and yours for 2010.