Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Shall Not Pass

Tasmania, formerly known as Van Dieman’s Land, started its modern history as a British penal colony.  Some of the very worst offenders were sent to Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula, which is attached to the rest of the island by a very narrow strip of land called Eaglehawk neck.  During the penal heyday (1830-1860) this strip of land was guarded by fences, soldiers and vicious dogs, tied just out of reach of one another.  We drove down the peninsula yesterday to take a look around, but didn’t visit Port Arthur itself, since admission is relatively expensive – we’ll save it as something to do when the parents come to visit.  We did, however, stop at Eaglehawk Neck where I got these interesting pictures.

dec5 031

dec5 025


AareneX said...

Wow--heckuva sculpture!

SG said...

Ahhh! I love History! This stuff is so interesting to me!