Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Stars Misaligned

I'm currently in Toronto, visiting with my family and taking a software development course at UofT while I am still technically a student. David is currently in Ottawa visiting with his family, and Melissa is taking care of business at Farcical Farm. It has not been going smoothly for her. First, a dump truck got hit by a train (no one hurt) at the bottom of our hill, closing the road for hours. Then Tonka started to get foot sore for no apparent reason and his hooves were feeling warm. Then there was a giant thunderstorm that scared Titan and caused him to go on a runabout. Then there was another big car accident on the road and Melissa couldn't get home so she had to have the neighbors break into the house. Then Tonka was even more foot sore and his hooves were downright hot. Then Titan decided that if he could go runabout during a storm he could go runabout any old time. We've only been gone for five days.

The news about Tonka is, of course, worrying. I noticed his hooves were a little warm to the touch the day before we left and asked Melissa to keep him off the pasture in our absence, just as a precaution. Now she has cut his teeny tiny portion of beet pulp entirely, and is rationing his hay as well. The last time we had an episode like this was when the neighbors fed him a whole bag of carrots, but I'm quite sure that's not the case this time around. There are some fallen cherries in the horse paddock, so he could be gobbling those. I'm partially inclined to think that it has something to do with him actually *moving* again, considering that he has stood faithfully by Raven's immobile side for the past month. I will keep you all updated as the news comes in.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope Tonka feels better soon.

Carole said...

Sometimes it does seem like all the animals conspire to see how to best make the human(s) worried/crazy/broke. I wish Melissa good luck!

(Also, what in HELL is that a photo of?!?)

EvenSong said...

Whoa, girl! You GOTTA stop putting in pictures of related but not Tonka photos! (remember the swollen Tonka Wanka that wasn't?) You had me worried there seeing the ripped apart hoof!

But I am worried about poor Tonka! And as hard as it is to deal with hurts that they can't explain to us, it's even harder to do it from thousands of miles away!

Hope he's feeling better. Keep us up-dated.
(And good vibes sent Melissa's way, also.)

AareneX said...

hang in, Tonka. We're all sending our very most healing wishes to you and your hooves!

allhorsestuff said...

Dang..that picture is nasty..hope it does not have to be him!

He may way have been moving more with his new buds huh...truly hope that is all!

Anonymous said...

Poor Tonka! I do hope he's going to be ok!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I hope the stars now have all the bad stuff out of their system, and things will look up for Tonka and Melissa too! Also hope you and David have good visits with your respective families, and that worry will abate as the tide turns in favor of Farcical Farms.