Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank You

Your kind and thoughtful words about Raven are very much appreciated. I can now look back through the comments without choking up, so I guess that I am making progress. My mantra throughout has been "it was a hard thing to do, but it was the only thing to do" with emphasis on the first part. But last week Raven could barely walk and she was in danger of falling over every time she tried to kick at a fly. We had her on three grams of bute a day and it was barely taking the edge off her pain. For the past month she had been resistant to moving anywhere away from the central feeder in the paddock, even for toiletries after having been a very clean mare. When Christina came on Wednesday to trim Tonka she was rendered speechless by Raven's condition, and that was the reaction I needed to finally make the call I had been dreading.

Raven was not with us for a long time, but she had a big impact on my head and my heart and my horsemanship. I will never regret the decision to bring her home. Any horse that comes to Farcical Farm will have a safe haven for life, and I'm just sorry that she had to take me up on the offer so soon.

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AareneX said...

Your mantra, it's a good one. It *was* the only thing to do, and you were very brave to do it!

Not easy. No. And yet, necessary. Good for you, for recognizing the need, and taking the actions.