Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On The Contrary

On Sunday I harvested a bunch of radishes from the garden, and thoughtfully saved the tops for the goats, thinking that they would enjoy them. I walked over to the paddock, put them in their dish, and found them still lying there several hours later when I did the evening feeding. Today I harvested a bunch more radishes and the goats kept sticking their heads through the garden fence to eat the tops off the ones I had in my hand. Humph.

This morning I was picking cherries before it started to rain and I knocked a couple of leafy, cherry-laden branches off the tree. Once again I walked them over to the goat paddock as a tasty offering, and once again I found them completely intact when I returned hours later to do a little mucking. But when David offers them cherries through the fence they can't eat them fast enough. Humph.

I always thought that cats were the ficklest creatures around, but Pipsqueak will eat any thing at any time. In fact, I think she's considering my edibility in this picture. Humph.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Just goes to show we humans are not so far removed from our animal friends as we might think. Love all the pictures in this post!

EvenSong said...

The goats aren't fickle about the food--they're fickle about the serving presentation!

saepr = you'll be saepr if you don't mess with Pipsqueak.

Carole said...

That goat tongue made me LOL!

AareneX said...

Ah, yes: the contrariness of goats is legendary. I can't wait to get some!

My *dog* eats cherries (she carefully nibbles around the pit); Jim's dog eats strawberries and apples. Usually not when the camera is awake, though.

Great post, gave me a laugh that I desperately needed!

Anonymous said...

You know, often I have thought that my cats were just waiting for me to kick the bucket so they could feast on me. I mean, why else would they stay so close to me when I'm sick? lol

I nominated you for an award over on my blog.

Unknown said...

Sometimes it's all about the marketing. :)

love the pictures - what will you do with all the radishes?

we have a dog right now that eats bananas, grapes and strawberries. But she picks through her dog food for certain flavored bits.

maybe she's part goat?