Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Live Lizards

This post seems very trite in light of Funder's worst day ever, and I'm sorry for that.

Several months ago an anonymous FFF reader suggested that I use Ship Happens when ordering things from the US, and I have been enjoying their services ever since. Every time a package arrives they send me a form email giving my 60 days to retrieve it. Today I got such a message with the text ****LIVE LIZARDS**** added to the subject line. I don't remember ordering any, and I certainly didn't want to find a box of ****DEAD LIZARDS**** waiting for me next time I pick up an order, so I replied to suggest there had been a mix-up.

Indeed, the lizards were for someone just below me in their email database. But it did make me question the feasibility of ordering parastic wasps from the US. A recent article in Horse Illustrated has made me curious about this biological form of fly control, and I would like to try it on Farcical Farm. As with all things, suppliers are limited in Canada and their prices are high. Suppliers are plentiful in the US and their prices are low, but it might be challenging to explain ****LIVE WASPS**** to Canada Customs officials.


Carole said...

All's I can say is good thing you check your email regularly. Can you imagine that pickup? Heeeeee.

EvenSong said...

My brother- and sister-in-law have had good results from the fly predators. I've found that just composting my manure led to considerably less of a fly problem the last couple of years. I'm in a lot drier area, however.

As for shipping live animals--I noticed three cheeping UPS boxes at the feed store the other day--this season "live chicks" delivery!

"figrenui" = the state one reaches when undecided about a major decision ("I can't quite figure it out")

Anonymous said...

When I worked for a big box pet store in Alaska, we'd have crates of live animals delivered via courier from the airport.

One time, while un-crating a shipment of ferrets, there was a group of cub scouts in touring the store. They all stopped by the ferret habitat to watch. Upon opening, I reached in the crate to pick up one ferret and came away with 3. They were dangling from my finger tips. I still have the scars from that escapade 5 years later. And no, I didn't scream, yell or swear. I kept my cool in front of those cub scouts.

From that experience at the pet store, I'd be loathe to ever buy a pet and have it shipped. It's a lot of stress on the animals. I can only imagine what sort of condition those poor lizards were in.

Funder said...

I giggled about ***DEAD LIZARDS***. Don't worry, my sense of humor has definitely survived this.

Be sure and update if you do get parasitic wasps!

Black Jack's Carol said...

The poor lizards! That was my first thought after reading your post. My second thought was that, having been stung by wasps, I would be reluctant to order them in the mail, no matter how useful they might be. Then, a kind of pitying third thought. You guessed it. Poor wasps. Bet they would be quite stressed too.

allhorsestuff said...

OH! Glad ya caught that one!
We too may try the fly predators this go...a barn a few years ago had them...thought it worked well on the flys out doors...but the stupid manuer barrels inside were full of them!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! This totally cracked me up.
Around here we got phone calls when live animals show up, like chicks.
I've thought about getting those wasps, but we're so dry that we only have a serious fly problem for a few weeks in the summer. I'm not sure if the wasps would be worth it and could even do thir job and get enough food in that time frame.

Let us know who it works out for you if you end uo doing that.


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