Saturday, April 4, 2009

Skies of Blue

After a week of unseasonably wet and cold weather the meteorologists are calling for a lovely, warm weekend. Yesterday marked Tonka's first muzzled foray into the pasture for spring (he has been unmuzzled all winter) and he was not thrilled about this curbing of his freedom. But anyone with a foundered horse knows this is the time when a year of hard work can be undone in a single day. I secretly believe that Tonka would be fine to graze unmuzzled for a few hours at a time this spring (don't tell him I said that!), but we are all better safe than sorry.


allhorsestuff said...

It is that time huh!Poor Tonka.

I went to a grass forum from one of our local Universities and learned how grass grows...The gal was very dry...but excited to show us this video of grass growing-when healthy- 6-10 inches in 10 days.
That is if you cross fence and allow the plants roots to use the carbohydrate/sugars it has for growing (First 3 inches)and not let the horses trample it or eat is the "Candy" of the field to them. The 4-6 inches is what you want them to have..before it goes to seed.
So I am a fencing maniac at our place now...but I see the results already!
I need to be on a farm!

Black Jack's Carol said...

My sentiments also run to "poor Tonka" but, like some unpleasant things we have to do, the end result is worth it. Fortunately, this wasn't quite as dramatic as Martin's story, although, now that I think of it, I guess Tonka might disagree with that. Pretty dramatic to have your food intake curbed. Hopefully, the great weather will distract him from his misery? No, not likely, but dear Tonka, I think you know that you are a very fortunate fellow to have such a knowledgeable and caring human in your life!

Carole said...

A little grass is better than no grass, and healthy feet are best of all. However, sometimes it's hard to be the grown-up!

Jean said...

Hmmm.....can I borrow Tonka's muzzle and see if it would work to restrict MY eating?????? (sez she who has been grazing all day long!)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The image of Tonka wiggling his lips trying to figure out hot to grip just one itty bitty blade of grass through his muzzle is just a wee bit funny (sorry Tonka!).

I've read that grass is safer for horses to eat once the nights and days stay warm. Something about sugar becoming condensed in the grass when the nights are cold, right?

Poor guy. Hmmmm, makes me want to just sneak him one itty bitty blade of grass so he can just suck on it and dream. :)

What a good Horse Mom you are for protecting Tonka from himself.