Thursday, April 9, 2009

Indian Bosal

Back when I thought I might be riding Raven over Easter weekend I bought her a new bridle, and it arrived today. Although I was very happy with the Dr. Cook's for her transition from a bit, I do have a few concerns about the product. First, the cross-under straps tend to twist when Raven gets busy with her head, which generally means that I am not in a position to reach forward and untwist them. Second, the nose band is too tight for my liking -- it seems like a source of constant pressure from which the animal cannot escape. And third, I would never use it as a halter as suggested by the manufacturers.

When reading about alternatives I stumbled across the Indian bosal. Instead of using cross-under straps to put pressure on the nose and poll it wraps around the nose and applies pressure under the chin when the reins are taught, but otherwise is hangs loose. And there is a secondary knot under the chin so that it can be used as a regular rope halter without any action from the reins. It is an elegant-looking contraption and I think that it will suit Raven well, but I will have to be satisfied with trying it out on Tonka.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I've been reading up on bitless bridles and a number of people had that same complaint about Dr. Cook's. Let us know how the Indian bosal works out.

EvenSong said...

I'll be curious to hear how it works out for you and Tonka (for now) and Raven (soon, I hope).

You had asked about bosals a while back at Mountain Music, and I've actually taken a bunch of photos--just haven't had the time to write the blog entry. I have a little show for Miss Maddie tomorrow, and a trail competition for Kate next weekend, so I'm actuslly riding almost every evening! But I'll try to get the bit/bosal piece put together soon.

Sarah Henderson, BCCDC said...

I have to confess that I fitted it to Raven today and fixed the fiador in position for her. It would be a bit too small for Tonka, and I won't get a good sense of how it works because he will ride calmly and quietly in anything. He is just that kind of guy.

I did test Raven's reaction to it from the ground and I liked what I saw. She was immediately soft and willing. With the Dr. Cook's she does not like the nose band tightening and she is usually on guard right after it goes on.

For $24US on eBay I figure that I can't go wrong.

allhorsestuff said...

That certainly is nifty looking halterbridle!
I have to be caefull with my Biteless does seem to trap Wa and make her shake her head...I can ride alone- but not with others...she pulls so much it makes her furious how it tightens.
Hope you get to use it soon! What color?

Sarah Henderson, BCCDC said...

AHS: Plain black. I am all about the plain black tack for both horses...then I never have to worry about whether things match.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmm....Interesting. I have the same issues with my Dr Cook's as you do actually. The Indian Bosal looks like it would eliminate some or all of those issues. Please let us know how it works out after you try it out on both horses, ok?

Thanks for sharing is a nice-looking bridle.


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too sad to think about.....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooops. I just read through your comments. Nice to read that the bosal works well. I prefer black for my mare, too. Black saddle, bridle, reins, etc. And red or purple for accents with my cantle and horn bag and saddle pad. :)


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