Monday, February 23, 2009

Bed Sweet Bed

Getting to bed is at the top of my priority list right now, so that's what I'm posting about. Daun recently mentioned that her pharaoh hound scorns any human who attempts to sleep in the bed whilst she is there, and it made me realize that Tilley, Willow and Watson (plus Pepper) have it pretty rough compared to the dogs of some FFF readers. They have a couch to themselves in our mud room and several dog beds scattered around, but they are not allowed on the furniture or in the human bed. (Or not by me, anyhow...who knows what they get up to when I'm not around.) We used to have a regular bed with dog beds on the floor beside it, but I got tired of tripping on them a couple of years ago and ordered this instead. The dogs get the bottom bunk with a queen-sized futon in a vinyl cover, and we get the top bunk complete with heated mattress pad. Nighty night!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope you get a good sleep. That's a good idea for the dogs. We have the dog beds beside the bed and I know what you mean about tripping over them.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Wow, it seems as if you read my mind with this post! It feels, some nights (especially lately), as if I can barely make it through supper. Last night, I went from the table to the couch to bed:)

Black Jack loves nothing so much as going to bed with us. She stands at the bottom step and looks annoyed if we stay up too late. It's a really good thing she's so small and we only have one dog. I know, if ever we were to get a second, we'd have to go to something like your plan. I think it's brilliant! Dogs love to be under something, they have their humans close by, and it looks very comfortable too!

Brandy said...

That's a great set up! All the pack together in one room, the dogs must love that!

My hubby was away over the weekend, and I know I REALLY need to get a dog. I couldn't sleep in our bedroom, I kept hearing weird things that his snoring usually drowns out, I suppose.

A dog would not only be company, but give me confidence and a better feeling of safety. If I hear a noise and the dog doesn't alert, then I know it's nothing. If that furry head goes up, then I need to listen too!

Arg, then I had to pick him up at LAX last night, and that went SOOO well (eyes roll) that I ended up blogging it! Yikes! I'm still stressed from that event!

The Border Collies said...

That would not work for us, since only Tweed is allowed to sleep under the bed. That's not my rule, that's Tweed's rule!

Piper sleeps on a dog bed at the foot of my bed. It takes up the whole space between the footboard and the wall. But I have zero reason to walk to the other side of my bed anyway, so it doesn't really get in my way.

Mr. Woo sleeps in bed with me. This was also not my rule, but his. Interestingly, Mr. Woo spent his life previous to me as outside only dog. How he knew right away - like from day one - that the human bed was the best one is a mystery.

I bought the dogs a nice big comfy bed for in front of my fireplace, and Donut the Cat does not let the dogs sleep on it :) Sometimes, if it is really chilly in my condo though, I sleep on it!

allhorsestuff said...

DP That certainly is a lofty place to wink to sleep! All in respective places too~

Love my sleep as well, and our Elsie does steal much of it with her geriatric antics.
If we were smart we would have trained her to sleep in a cat bed outside the room..but it is too- too late now!

Funder said...

(I know, I'm soooo behind on my friends!)

That bed is totally awesome. Aren't you worried about falling out? Not like I normally fall out of my normal height bed but still, I'm clumsy, I would worry.

We have a Sleep Number and Cersei thinks it's the best thing ever. She sleeps with us at night - benefit of being an only dog! And after we get up, she usually goes back to bed and sleeps on her back for hours.

The Border Collies - our cats ninja the dog's beds quite often. But the dog is like a force of nature, and when she wants to lay on her bed she just lays on it, regardless of whether or not she's laying on a cat.

Jean said...

If only I could get my crew of four to sleep on one mattress under my bed! I'm one who stumbles over dogs every time I need to get up.
And like Daun's Pharoah Hound, my Charley loves my bed but will not let anyone - including me - share it with her. She flounces off with such a glare that sometimes I feel guilty going to bed!

jme said...

what a great set-up! my dog molly used to sleep on the couch (and sometimes on my bed) but now that she's old (16) she can't get up anymore so now she has one of those memory foam dog beds tucked into a corner in the bedroom which she loves - maybe not as much as the bed, but...

of course, i don't sleep especially well anymore, partly because she snores really loud in her old age... but i don't have the heart to kick her out :-)

MichiganBarb said...

Unrelated: Getting back way-late about the success of using Fort Dodge's "Tomorrow" product for thrush. It worked beautifully. It was easy to work with despite the single-digit temps and the old boy's frogs are greatly improved. I also tossed my hoof pick with brush combo and bought a more serious hoof pick with a long point that can get all the way into his deep collateral grooves. Thumbs up on both additions to hoof care!

Sorry so late...I've been job hunting. :(