Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Three Amigos

As much as it sucks not to see Raven out the window, it is so much better to see these three amigos (or stooges) than to see Tonka all alone. LPepper (gray) is a 24-year-old Arab/TB and Scooby (chestnut) is a 21-year-old Appy/QH. At the tender age of 20 Tonka is the youngster in this group.


Daun said...


Minor nit. Unless someone was using that tractor (e.g., it was running), that bucket should be firmly resting on the ground. Especially around animals that can tinker with it, bite a hydraulic hose, or otherwise sabotage your tractor. Ask my shins about buckets suspended just off the ground.

I do envy your flat ground. I use my bucket as a back up parking brake, putting it down enough to unweight slightly the front tires. Then that tractor is NOT moving, no how.

AareneX said...

So pretty at your place. Are the other two amigos visiting? Or will they be staying with Tonka?

...cuz I just got word about a pretty STB mare who will need a new home in August or September when her colt is weaned.

Interested? She's up near Kelowna right now!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's great that Tonka has some friends to share the day with and he's not alone.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I'm happy to see you posting! I know your heart is heavy. I thought of you for most of my ride home the other night, and I wasn't sure if the wet on my face was the rain or tears. Since I never met Raven, I realized my sadness was for the connection between the two of you that was conveyed with a vividness in your writing that had nothing to do with quantity of words, and everything to do with inner passion.

David and Tonka are in my thoughts as well. I agree with you that seeing Pepper and Scooby in the field with Tonka is somehow right. Do you think they are enjoying Tonka's company and the new vista?

allhorsestuff said...

So glad to see some other horsefaces with Tonka too..wher'd they visit from? Or are they stayin'!
Still a bit in shock and miss of the Black Raven~

Brandy said...

And Georange makes 4!

I'm glad you got some friends for Tonka to spend his day with. I'm sure he misses his queen as well...

I know with the economy the way it is, horses are being given away right now! When you all are ready, a new friend will come to you, I know it!