Thursday, July 30, 2009

One is the Loneliest Number

I am still in Toronto. As of this morning I have been away from Farcical Farm for three weeks, which feels almost like a lifetime. The course I have been taking at UofT has been very valuable on a professional level, but I am anxious to get home on a personal level. Just another few days. Tonka will be the sole equine greeting party when I arrive, since Pepper and Scooby went home yesterday. David mentioned something about Scooby having a swollen tendon sheath, but I do not know the details yet. Tonka apparently called after them for a whole five minutes after they left, then got back to the important task of eating. My important task of getting him back in condition will start on Sunday morning. I’ll be getting myself back in condition at the same time — these past two months of finishing my thesis (I handed it in last week) somehow shrunk my pants. Mysterious!



Unknown said...
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EvenSong said...

Actually, the new theory is that, the more we learn, and the fuller our brain gets, we start to store information in other parts of our body, often the tummy, thighs and derrier. So it just goes to show how much you've been learning!

p.s. Tonka needs a spotty girlfriend...

AareneX said...

OMG, I almost sprayed beer all over the computer screen (a nice Swampland microbrew, too!) when I got to the picture!!!

I've never heard Evensong's theory before, but it totally makes sense to me. When I finished my master's degree, I clearly was storing all that new information in my butt. It's still there, ready to access at any moment!

Come home safe and soon. Tonka DOESN'T need a SPOTTED girlfriend. He needs a nice, sensible pacing girlfriend. May I suggest :

Or if you prefer a gentleman companion:

allhorsestuff said...

Good job on the work you've done! It will so good for you to return..Hope the Tonk Nickers at you!
If I had something in my mouth I would have dropped it out too...that picture was too funny!

Unknown said...

That was a great picture! LOL

I hate when my pants shrink. It's always on trips. I think it's all the foreign water.

Jean said...

Congrats on getting your thesis completed. And I totally agree with EvenSong's theory - which makes me a very, very smart person with tons of information just waiting to be used.

And I think Tonka needs a donkey companion - but then, I love donkeys and I love to read about them. There's a place in Deroche (or is it Dewdney?) that rescues and rehabs donkeys - I'm sure we could find one for you!

Carole said...

Three weeks! I feel lonely just thinking about it.

And, using modern compression technology, you'll be able to store all that information in your butt in a much smaller space. As soon as you apply the right algorithm, that is. ;-)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Wow! A finished thesis. My mind boggles at your accomplishment.. good job!!

I loved that picture too:)

Looking forward to having you home again. Feel sort of homesick for you.

P.S. Had to laugh at the balloon in your other post. I had a similar float-by experience in the music room with a balloon my students gave me after one of our trips. Amazing to me how long it lasted. That it was saying "good-bye" seems a plausible theory to me:)

jme said...

i'm liking this theory about brain overflow and the widely-distributed knowledge. i must be a genius!

congrats on finishing your thesis and hope you can get back to your farm soon :-)