Thursday, June 10, 2010

Under Pressure

We live about 300 kilometers to the north of the swamplands so fondly described by AareneX…it is even wetter here, with fewer annual hours of sunshine.  It is a simple fact of life that outdoor surfaces get covered in moss…houses, fences, trees, sidewalks, decks…anything left to its own devices will eventually succumb to the stuff,.  When we got home from Australia I took one look at the deck and decided to buy a pressure washer.  A really good one.  Take that, moss!


Just after we got the thing I bet David that someone, somewhere had tried pressure washing his/her horse and had posted about it on the intertoobs.  


Funder said...

I have heard apocryphal stories of people taking the trailer + horses to a car wash and washing the horse there. Does that count?

Jean said...

Pressure washing the equine spa day with jacuzzi/hydrotherapy for the horse in need of pampering. (Though I'm betting a lot of horses would not appreciate it!)

AareneX said...

One of my friends washes her horse at the car wash on a regular basis in winter. She lives on the Dry Side of our state, where in winter the mud thaws during the day and then freezes solid at night, so after a few days her mare would look like she was made of adobe. Before drill team practices, my friend would run the horse over to the u-wash-it and scrub her down with warm water and gentle soap, then let her dry on the trailer ride to practice!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't think my horses would put up with or appreciate a power washing, it's hard enough to get them to not stand on the hose in the wash stall.