Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google Maps Fail

Today we are taking my mother, David's parents and our friend Roger to Strahan, on the wild west coast of Tassie. Last night I tried to double-check the driving time using Google Maps and got this:


It’s a little hard to read, but the basic route is from Hobart, Indiana through the US to Seattle, over to Hawaii, then Japan, then Indonesia, Australia and finally Strahan, Tasmania.  Estimated driving time = 56 days.


Unknown said...

LOL. Well, I guess you might want to pack some snacks.

AareneX said...

Looks like you'll be passing through the Swamplands at around the halfway point, so be sure to stop in for a cup of tea!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Let me know where you found the water-proofed car at! I've always dreamt of one!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well gee, that looks like a swell trip. Hope they have rest areas in the ocean, otherwise I wouldn't go.