Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Space

About a year ago I broke out two new orange rain sheets for Tonka and Raven. And today, with no small sadness, I packed the 72" one into my car (along with three others) to take down to my neighbor Wendy tomorrow morning. I decided several weeks ago that I would sell all of Raven's clothing -- she used it respectfully, and it is too soaked in memory for me to want to keep. Furthermore, when the time comes to get another horse I don't want to have a collection of size 72" gear subconsciously directing me. Wendy has a variaty of QHs, Arabs and Quarabs and I'm hoping that she will give it all a new home, just in time for winter. On a happier note, Justin arrives tomorrow! Tonka has been obviously lonely lately, and we are all looking forward to having a second horse around again.


Anonymous said...

I can relate and you have my sympathies. I have a lot of green tack stuff left over from when we had Taz. It's very hard for me to use it as it always brings up memories of him.

However, yay for Justin!

International Studies AP! said...

I did the same when Sam (my horse) was put down. Thoughts with you. It's good to think Raven's coat will be used, and I'm glad that you haven't given up the idea of having another horse. I must have missed a post somehow. I don't remember reading anything about Justin. That will be great for Tonka!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, dp, I started a blog with my esl class at school, and my laptop mistakenly posted from their site instead of mine. Sorry:)

AareneX said...

I understand completely...but I didn't have any choice when it came to re-using Story's gear after she died: it was a cold, wet, nasty winter, and the "new horse" (Fiddle) needed to come live with me RIGHT AWAY because of her circumstances in Canada.

It was a HUGE shock when Fee stuck her gigantic brown Standardbred head out the stall that Story had lived in for 9 years--they don't really look that much alike, but the color is similar, and they are both clearly Standies.

Still, Fiddle makes it Very Clear that she is *not* Story, no matter how much purple gear I hang on her.

Good on ya, though, for finding a good place for Raven's gear. I'm sure your friend's horses will appreciate the stuff!

Brandy said...

A good decision all the way around. Another sweet horse will benefit while you clear out her things.

I still can't hear little bells without thinking of my girl kitty. But I don't love them less, and still would love another cat some day!

Good for Tonka, he does look forlorn looking at Raven's coat... Justin will do you all some good!

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