Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As If to Thank Us

For several weeks before we left for the UK David and I had noticed that Pipsqueak was drooling and that her breath was foul. When the problem worsened instead of resolving itself (as we and our wallets had hoped it might) I brought her into the vet expecting that she would need an abscessed tooth extracted. It turned out that she had eleven abscessed teeth that needed extracting, causing the vet to extract another $800 from us. Pip came through the surgery like a trooper and went on to take her twice-daily medicine with less dignity and/or grace than any other creature we've owned. Who knew that six pounds of the sweetest cat imaginable could be so very strong? Anyhow, she seems to have thanked us for all this torture by eliminating the rats in the garage. For about a week we found one dead every other day, and now the place is perfectly silent at night. Thanks Pip!


Chelsi said...

Aww! She is insisting on paying for her keep. Good kitty!

Callie said...

LOL, not the expence part, but toothless Pip, kudos, kitty!

Black Jack's Carol said...

First response to this post (having spent more hours in a dentist's chair than I care to think about) was:
Poor, poor Pipsqueak!

The second was:
$800 - Yikes! Poor you (and David).

The third was:
Wow! I wouldn't have thought an all but toothless cat could take care of even one rat, let alone eliminate the problem. Bravo to Pipsqueak.

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow Pip? I'd like her to come give these lazy, lay-about kitties some lessons in hunting. Freya, my DOG, does more small prey hunting and has more success than all the cats combined. And just yesterday I saw a rat go under the chicken coop... (shudder)

- Oregon Sunshine

(I kept getting an open id error message)

allhorsestuff said...

Cat gratitude!
Wonder how she does it- toothlessly?

Unknown said...

Wow. Well of course you found all the rats. Not like she could eat 'em.


Glad she survived the extraction-fest.